We specialise in Strategy, Delivery, Insight, and Training

Jigsaw is a Digital Marketing Consultancy based in the UAE that provides marketing solutions for your business. We know that no business is the same. That’s why we are focused on finding what makes your business unique - and showcasing your brand according to your strengths to ensure growth and conversion.

We specialise in Strategy, Delivery, Insight, and Training.

Our team consists of digital marketing consultants brings decades of marketing experience from 5 different continents to the table. This allows us to dig into your company’s individualised needs, your location, cultural or traditional limitations as well as current market trends. Whether you need a helping hand, or you’re ready to put your marketing success in our hands - we are the perfect fit.



Digital Marketing
Content Marketing


Project Management
Website Management
Social Media
Email Campaigns

Performance and Insights

SEO Audits
Campaign Reporting
Dashboard Creation


Social Media for Beginners
CMS Management
Email Marketing
Google AdWords


With our deep understanding of how the web works, and how to utilise it for your business’ success we can help you redefine or create both online and offline strategies. We will assist you in creating a plan that’s aligned with your goals and company vision, and show you which steps to take in order to reach those goals.

We offer the following customisable services:

  • Digital Marketing: Including SEO, Social Media, PPC, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing and Content Marketing.
  • Content Marketing: The digital pen is still mightier than the sword. Your business has a story to tell, and we can help you tell it, as well as developing strategies to effectively promote your content online.


Once you have a business strategy in place, it’s time for implementation. As a digital consultancy service we are able to assist you in ‘delivering’ these keys points:

  • Project Management: If you have a major project in the works and don’t have the in-house skills to effectively manage it, Jigsaw can help.
  • Website Management: Jigsaw can help keep your website up to date to secure a user-friendly experience. This can be scheduled or done on-demand.
  • Social Media and Search: Social Media Marketing is a vital part of your digital marketing campaigns. We will help you determine the right platforms and methods to utilise for your organic and paid online advertising as well as doing the day to day management and posting.
  • Content Creation and Email Campaigns: In order to be actively engaged with your audience, you will have to provide your visitors with consistent, informative content that showcases your expertise. The same goes for your email marketing campaign. Jigsaw can assist you with both.


To keep a business going and growing, you’ll have to assess and adapt on a regular basis. In order to do this, you need to analyse your data. We’ll help you get more insight into your company’s online performance:

  • Analytics will be set up in order to keep track of the engagement, audience, and efficiency of your campaigns. Assessing the analytics will allow you to improve your strategies and adapt to market trends.
  • SEO Audits are done to determine whether your keywords are still relevant to what you want to achieve, and how you can improve your search engine rankings.
  • Campaign Reporting is a valuable way to show how effective your current marketing campaign is and to help optimise them.
  • Dashboard Creation: Jigsaw can set up KPIs, metrics and other data points and tracking, pulling them all into a central dashboard. This will help you streamline the decision-making process and simplify complex data.


One of the reasons companies are reluctant to adopt a digital marketing strategy is because it seems daunting to get all your employees on board. With Jigsaw by your side, your employees will be informed, educated and skilled to take on your company’s digital marketing. We offer the following training options:

  • Social Media for Beginners: Which social platforms are ideal for your brand, how to set up these pages and how to efficiently manage them to boost engagement.
  • CMS Management: Content Management Software is there to assist you in creating, uploading and scheduling your content. Jigsaw can train your team to maintain your online presence in the most cost effective way.
  • Email Marketing: Our expertise in the field of online marketing enables us to provide you and your company with training to make the best of your email marketing campaigns, as well as support using all the most popular mail tools.
  • Google Adwords Management: Part of ‘delivering’ your strategy to your audience, is managing your advertising strategy. We’ll train your employees in using Google Adwords to cost efficiently boost your traffic from Paid Search.


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